Is it common to have an increase in whiteheads in the 1st month on Accutane?

On Accutane for 1 month. Skin has cleared dramatically, but I noticed that my pores are clogged with tiny whiteheads, that protrude out of the pores - They come out very, very easily with a comedone extractor - they are dry and appear like tiny splints. Is this common? Or by constantly extracting them am I stimulating my skin to produce more oil, thus actually causing them? I have large pores and had many whiteheads before but they weren't so 'dry' and hard like these ones.

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Worsening of acne initially when starting Accutane

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Yes! It is very normal to get a worsening of the acne in the initial stages of taking Accutane. Usually by the second month the worsening has lessened and acne starts to fade.

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