Punch Biopsy for Atypical Nevus. Why Did I Get 2 Different Responses With the Same Results?

I had a punch biopsy which came back saying that I had an atypical mole with worrying features. I was told to have it excised, so went in and had an excision biopsy. The dermatologist said that this still hasn't been removed/grown back so reffered me to a facial surgeon who says that I don't need to remove it coz the second biopsy stated that It doesn't have worrying features. How come 2 different responses with the same results? Who do I believe? I want to plan for a baby and my life is on hold.

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Atypical Mole and different responses

I would have another opinion and do your research about who you listen to. Have the reports sent to the new doctor and find out.

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