Atypical Melanocytic Hyperplasia Re-excision Margin. Am I At Risk For Melanoma?

I have been diagnosed with three moles as atypical melanocytic hyperplasia. The pathologist recommended 3-5 mm re-exision, and the doctor only took 4 on one of themeven though I objected. This was 4 years ago. Am I at risk for melanoma because of this?

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Atypical melanocytic hyperplasia and margins

The margins your doctor took were adequate for your particular lesions.  Each of these specimens must have been sent for path exam so my assumption was that those margins are clear.  So for those lesions, we can say 'case closed'.  Of concern to me is that you have had three lesions with this diagnosis.  It suggests you must be attentive to your moles, be examined at least once a year if not twice and be sure to have any changing unusual moles removed when appropriate.  Hope that helps!

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