Are Attachments Necessary For My Case? I've Heard Differing Opinions. (photo)

I had an invisalign consultation with two doctors, one recomended attachments & the other said i dont need them for my case. i live in egypt & i need an experienced doctor opinion. giving the fact that the cost will be three times more if i used attachments. i have photos of my teeth. Can anyone kindly help ? thanks alot

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Invisalign attachments help move the teeth where you want them

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Attachments are tooth colored or translucent composite shapes that are bonded to the teeth to let the aligners deliver the proper forces for movement. Are you actually getting Invisalign if the cost is 2/3 less without attachments? The savings may not be worth it to you if your results are compromised in the end. Besides getting experienced opinions from realself, be sure you have an experienced doctor providing the actual treatment.

San Ramon Orthodontist

Atatchments needed?

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Cases are much more predictable with attatchments.  Your case should not cost more with attatchments unless these are extra travel issues.  If you have your impressions and pictures taken they can be submitted to Invisalign for a 3D clincheck proposal that can be modified online to show the case with attatchments and without attatchments.  They will note poblems and times for treatment that will result and this can help you with your decision.  Good luck!

Attachments will be needed for Invisalign Treatment

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I agree with that, Attchments will help with your case, or any case for that matter. We do all of our cases using attachments, they help us get predictable results.

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

Needing Attachments for Invisalign

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I think that attachments would really help your case along.  I almost never do invisalign cases without attachments.

Gordon Chee, DDS
Calgary Dentist

Attachments are becoming more prevalent

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As the invisalign system develops we are finding that attachment really help achieve better results.  THere are new innovations in the type of attachments.  I would recommend you go with the attachments.  You will get a better result.


Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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