Attachments and Fit. Having Complications With My Trays? (photo)

1) attachments keep falling off the day of the boding (soft diet) and at least 3hrs before trying to eat anything or remove the trays. (solid black circles = attachments that have NOT fallen off). I will be going in to have the others re-attached for the 3rd time in about a month. 2) Fit - (blue outline pic 3) - the tray does not conform to my teeth perfectly... is this a major problem? Should I bring this up at my next appointment? Thank you!

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Buttons and fit of trays

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Your off to a bad start to say the least. You need to talk to your Dr and see what is going on and restart treatment. There are many reasons for bond failures and all can be over come. The fit of the trays need to be checked by your Dr and make sure all is OK. The key is talking and understanding what's going on. This treatment should be seamless not a chronic problem

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Invisalign Fit and Attachment Bonding Problems

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Invisalign can do wonderous things for your smile, if Dr. and Patient do their part and remain patient.  It appears you have a bonding issue and your doctor needs to use different materials or technique.  As far as aligner fit, there are three possible reasons for poor fit: 

1)  In the absense of the necessary attachments, the teeth have not moved enough between aligners.

2)  Not wearing the aligners 23 hours a day for 2-3 weeks may skip to the next aligner before the teeth have moved far enough.

3)  An error in design at Invisalign, though rare, could require new impressions and photos sent at no additional charge.

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