ATRALIN Gel: How is Different from Other Retinoids and How Should It Be Applied?

I used Retin A for years but my skin was constantly irritated. I stopped for 3 months. I now want to use ATRALIN but is it as effective as retin A for wrikle reduction and for collagenogenesis? What makes ATRALIN different from other retinoids? Also, I keep hearing that light deteriorates the active ingredients in retinoids. Is artificial light included? Meaning, once I have applied it, should I turn all of the lights off? Can the light of a computer monitor nullify the ingredients in ATRALIN?

Additionally, Is it okay to apply ATRALIN first and then other anti-ageing creams on the top of it? If it is okay, how long should I wait between applications (after the ATRALIN application to put other creams on my face)? One of my concerns when using anti-ageing products like Retin A and other products over the counter, is that they might be incompatible and nullify each others. Is there any other anti-ageing product you would recommend to use in addition to ATRALIN?

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