I had a posterior vaginal wall repair about 7 months ago and i am not pleased with results! Seeking vaginoplasty or should wait?

I am 27 years old and had two vaginal deleiveries, after i had my first baby who was 9.2 pounds,sex was never like before.I had the procedure about 7 months ago and i am not really pleased with results cuz only the vaginal openning and small friction of vaginal wall get tightened!i am looking for vaginoplasty and i need to know does vaginoplasty or VR will tightined all the sides of vaginal wall up to the curvix and does the incision will be inside the vagina or inside and outside of the vagina?

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Vaginal tightening vs vaginal prolapse repair

Vaginoplasty is a very specific combination of procedures that is performed for the sole purpose of enhancing sexual function by narrowing the vaginal canal and restoring the perineal body thereby narrowing the size of the opening. This is very different than vaginal surgery for prolapse (rectocele or cystocele). Prolapse procedures are performed by gynecologists or urogynecologists. I recommend seeking a surgeon that has specialized training in Aesthetic vaginal surgery to obtain the best results.
A word of caution for patients who are told by their doctor that a vaginoplasty for tightening can be covered by their insurance. This often times means that they are not trained or experienced in aesthetic vaginal surgery and often times will have unsatisfactory results.

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Unhappy with posterior vaginal wall repair. Not tight enough?

Vaginal wall repairs done for gynecologic issues are not intended to tighten the vagina. They simply deal with the medical condition (rectocele and/or enterocele) and tighten only mildly if at all. If you want a vaginoplasty for tightening, then this would involve internal incisions to tighten the levator (kegel) muscles and an external incision to tighten the perineal muscles. The need to tighten the vagina up to the level of the cervix is determined by the presence or absence of a hernia in the upper vagina known as enterocele. The latter is best handled under general anesthesia. If there is no enterocele, tightening the upper vagina won't add much to the tightening by addressing the muscles.

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A vaginoplasty will indeed help tighten the vaginal walls from outside to inside to help you with your sexual gratification. Make a consult with a surgeon who does these regularly to get the best result.

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