Breast reconstruction revision covered by my insurance? (photos)

10 yrs ago I had reconstruction surgery on my breasts after mastectomy. My right nipple has sunken in on the top and no nipple on the left. Im wanting to get this corrected, can it be corrected and would it be covered?

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Breast reconstruction revision

Yes you are able to be seen and examined for this under your insurance.  Typically I have no issue getting these cases covered through insurance.

Insurance and Reconstruction

Thank you for your questions.  Yes, your insurance company should allow and cover breast reconstruction revisions.  There are laws that protect women in your situation.  I always suggest finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast cancer reconstruction and revisions - so be sure to do your research.  I would also recommend calling your insurance to confirm your in network benefits, as well as your out of network benefits so you are prepared. From the photos you posted (without seeing you), it looks as though your revisions should be uncomplicated.  Best of luck.

Jon Bradley Strawn, MD, MBA
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Revision to breast reconstruction

Yes, reconstruction revision should be covered by your insurance. I would recommend either going back to your original plastic surgeon or calling your insurance company and asking which plastic surgeons are in your covered network. From your photos it appears that your revisions should be decently straightforward.

Tracy Kayan, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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