Is It a Normal Nose Type for the Bridge of a Nose to Get More Narrow Near the Tip?

I'm referring to noses similar to Lana Del Rey's. I'm getting a revision rhinoplasty next month, and am wondering if I should just get the tip narrowed or the whole thing if I think my entire nose is too wide.

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What Looks Best On You Matters More Than What Looks Best On The Average Person

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It is hard to know exactly what it is you are asking. While an attractive nose does tend to be wider at the top, narrows in the middle, and gets wider near the tip, this may not look best on you. The key for yopu, I think, would be to have computer imaging done. This way, your surgeon could show you what the result would look like if you narrowed the whole thing, or just the tip.The more your surgeon knows about what you want your nose to look like when you are done, the better he or she is able to get you there. Good luck.

Greenwood Village Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty variations for revision needs photos.

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Rhinoplasty variations for revision needs photos. This is an important part of your revision and should have been addressed by your surgeon without you asking! You may want to get a second opinion. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Predictability in rhinoplasty surgery

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While it is not possible to place someone else's nose on you you can look at features of nasal shapes that you like and these may be incorporated into your surgical plan.  There are many variables of anatomy and skin thickness that will effect the result that you can obtain from a rhinoplasty.  Computer imaging in conjunction with a skilled plastic surgeon should be used to educate you as the the possibilities for your nose.  If you like the tapered look of a nasal dorsum becoming thinner as it approaches the nasal tip your plastic surgeon should be able to evaluate your anatomy and skin type and let you know what can and can not be accomplished.   

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