Why under my eyes get brown or purple after two years of treatment with bleaching cream?

my under eyes look very bad please ineed somebody to help me icry alot from the look under my eyes first when iwas pregnant i get hypigmentation ,aftergiving birth the dermotology gave me bleaching cream to use it it help alittle pit put the corner undre my eyes get purple or brown and stubborn to go away iwent to cosmetic surgery he let me do chemical peel ,but its like ididnt do anything .please doctors i need your help ,help me what ican do

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Under eye dark circles, pigmentation, bleaching cream, melasma

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It could be that the dark circles are a combination of pigment and little blood vessels that make the skin appear purple.  If it was after childbirth, it could also be melasma, a hormonally induced hyperpigmentation (childbirth, hormone therapy, birth control).  I will address the "purple" first.  What happens under the eyes is that the blood can leak out of the tiny vessels, oxidizes and turns a purply color -  that molecule is not as absorbable - similar to a bruise.  You need to use a treatment on there which will change that molecule into an absorbable molecule - one treatment that works very well is Auriderm Illume Eye Cream.  For the pigment, the Obagi Nu-Derm System works extremely well in reducing pigment by treating at the top layer (the pigment you can see) as well as the deeper layer of skin where the melanocytes originate.  The result is a very evenly colored appearance to the skin.

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