How Long Should the Peeling/flaking Occur from the Use of Trentinoin 0.05% That Was Prescribed by my Dr. Last? Continue Use?

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Retin-A ( Trentinoin)

I usually recommend that my patients start with the low strength Retin-A ( .025%), and work their way up to 0.05%.  You can mix the retin-a with a moisture cream, or simply apply it alone.  Some patients will peel and have redness for a few weeks, while others will not.  It is best to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist for the best results.

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Peeling and flaking from Tretinoin

You don't have to have it peel and flake for it to work. You can use Retin-A and Tretinoin products a few times a week, or daily, whatever works for you. I prefer my patients use it 2-3x a week, and if they can build up to daily use without peeling or flaking, ok. You can also try applying moisturizer over the product after you've used it at night, it does help keep it from peeling so much.

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