Uneven nostrils and long Philtrum result of my recent nose job! (photos)

I got rahinoplasty almost 6 weeks ago! I My nose was not bad n fit my face just a little crooked in tip but I got this decision to touch it a n make it a little smaller! but I am not happy with my result ! It s short n piggy look , my philtrum is long , the 2 sides of my nose are different! My nostrils are not the same size ! One is longer n bigger other one is shorter ! Also my ps narrowed my nostrils which I didn't need it ! Is there any solution for any of those problem ! Plz help !

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Unhappy With Revision Result

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You are still swollen, and the swelling can obscure the result.  My best advice is to revisit your original surgeon and share your concerns with him or her.  Make sure you use sunscreen on your nose to prevent any scar tissue from forming on the tip.

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