Uneven nose after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 13 months ago to reduce the size of my nose and make it straight. However on my right side of my nose there seems to be extra cartilage left. When i touch it it feels out of place and like a peas sized lump. I can push it into my nose and it slowly molds to my nose but when i let go it return to its normal shape. Can it be fixed?

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Rhinoplasty Revision, some advices:

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns about your Rhinoplasty with us.

After having analyzed all the info and photos provided to us, i recommend to perform a Secondary Rhinoplasty (not a tip revision) this means (basically) treat the nasal bones and the nasal cartilages.
Therefore i would perform a narrowing of the nasal base (nose osteotomy) and alar and triangular cartilage shaping.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Only a examination by surgeon will give your true answer

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You will need to have an evaluation by a surgeon to determine source of your unevenness. It could be just build up of scar tissue or be a cartlilagenous unevenness. Treatment will vary based on its cause. Only objective analysis will determine its cause and then its treatment.

Uneven cartilage after rhinoplasty

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Your problem is the way the cartilages of your tip are oriented as well as their shape. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to re-contour the cartilage and move their orientation. 

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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The changes you describe can be achieved with revision rhinoplasty.If you want the best idea of what is possible for your nose, do your due diligence, find an experienced surgeon, and have him/her evaluate you in person and discuss your options. Looking at computer-morphed images with your surgeon during consultation will give you a good idea of what is possible, and also give you a great chance to convey to your surgeon what you envision.

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision Rhinoplasty for Asymmetric Outcome

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You do appear to be a good candidate for a revision rhinoplasty.  Yes, your nose can be improved upon with surgery.  I suggest you find a specialist who is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty.  Do your research well, and study his or her credentials, reviews, photos, education, etc. Revision rhinoplasty is difficult, and not every surgeon is expert in this field. 

Asymmetry, Uneven, deviation of the cartilaginous dorsum

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CarlyVail,It appears that the cartilaginous portion of your nose remains asymmetric.  This can result from the asymmetric development of scar tissue, the failure to reestablish structural integrity during surgery or the reduction of the nose revealing a previously unidentified dorsal septal deflection. Regardless of the source of your problem the surgery needs to be revised and the structural integrity of cartilaginous nose reestablished. This might require spreader grafts and internal nasal splinting. The upper portion of the nose also appears a little deflected to the left. This would require repeating the osteotomies(breaking the nose). Don't accept a piecemeal plan to correct this problem. It will not work and will necessitate additional surgery.

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