Should I have a TT without muscle repair?

Will getting MR with a TT affect the health of future pregnancies. I've heard of muscles being too tight etc. I've never had a child and don't have muscle separation. I'm not having kids for several years and do not want to wait to get a TT. If I proceed, should I put off the MR and just get a revision if needed.

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really impossible to say without pictures.  post again. the simple answer is- yes it is possible to do a simple skin excision with liposuction without muscle repair

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Can you have a TT without muscle tightening

I believe you can have what you want now. If you have loose skin and tight muscle, have it removed. Since children are distant (if ever), I would consider what we refer to as a moderate abdominoplasty. If you have children later, further surgery may be necessary, or maybe not.

David Janssen, MD, FACS
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Since you have not had children you may not need a muscle reconstruction.  Let the surgeon know and remind them at the time of surgery.

Gary Lawton, MD, FACS
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TT without muscle repair?

Thanks for the question.My advice for you is to send your photos to us to give you the recommendations you need and want. Kind regards

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Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question. It is best if you wait until you are done having kids because you will need a revision after kids most likely. The results from a tummy tuck are long lasting, in most cases, if a stable weight is maintained. If you are planning substantial weight loss or pregnancy, you may wish to postpone abdominoplasty surgery to avoid fluctuations in weight that could impact your results. Hope this helps,Dr. Newall 

German Newall, MD
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Should I have a TT without muscle repair?

Most surgeons will advise you to wait until after pregnancies to do the TT, but not all patients want to wait. Without photos or an exam there is no way to give you specific advice. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Tummy tuck and future pregnancy

If you know that you are going to still want kids in the future you should hold off on getting a tummy tuck. The reason for this is because you will likely need a revision regardless of whether you have a muscle repair or not. Doing a primary tummy tuck is going to be easier than doing a revision and will probably give you better results. You should wait to have a full tummy tuck after you are done having children. Hope this helps!Ankur Mehta MD

Ankur Mehta, MD
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Should I have a TT without muscle repair?

You should not have either until after children. Either result will be stretched and in need of redo after pregnancy. Any board certified plastic surgeon is going to advise you to wait until after all of your family planning is complete before undergoing such major surgery. 

Lawrence Bundrick, MD
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Muscle repair

If you have not had children you should not have a significant amount of muscle separation or diastasis. I would not tighten the muscle excessively during the tummy tuck if you are planning a pregnancy.  Good luck, Jane.

Jane M. Rowley, MD
Lubbock Plastic Surgeon
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