How fragile are nasal bones 2 wks post-op? Could I have harmed my rhinoplasty results by carefully removing the tape by myself?

I had a rhinoplasty which included breaking the nasal bones. I wore a cast for a week and then the doctor taped my nose. I removed the tape myself 6 days later to go to an important meeting (just one day before schedule) and I did not know I could damage anything. He then said it was too soon to tell of I had messed anything up because I did it myself. How fragile are nasal bones 2 weeks post op and what are the chances I could have harmed my results by removing the tape myself carefully?

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Removing tape after Rhinoplasty

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Dear Paula444, If you already had your splint removed and you simply removed tape the surgeon placed on the nose you can not cause any alteration of the final result or effect the nasal bones in anyway. I remove my patients nasal splints on day seven and I personally do not use tape after this process however some surgeons do and patients remove it to go to work etc. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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