Rhinoplasty 6 months po to fix breathing and looks. Unsure about results - they affect my self esteem. (photos)

I think it's better than the old 1,but the more I pay attention t my new nose the more I notice the mistakes.Uneven nostrils,bump,uneven swelling and 2 hard round bumps that don't show but I can feel them,on the side of each nostril.What's ur opinion?Should I get 2nd rhinoplasty?Will it get even by time(tip still has swelling)?Are the uneven parts noticeable or does it just look like another ordinary nose?Is there a cheaper way to fix the mistakes or do I have to pay full rhinoplasty cost?Thanks

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Rhinoplasty 6 month postop to fix breathing and looks

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a septoplasty was performed to improve breathing, while a rhinoplasty was performed to change in shape of the nose.  Full healing after her rhinoplasty is at least 1 year, so it is important to follow up with her original surgeon until the healing process is complete.  At that point we can talk about doing some touch-ups to address the minor irregularities that are present.  Remember, there is no perfect nose, just improvement

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Rhinoplasty 6 months po to fix breathing and looks. Unsure about results - they affect my self esteem.

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Hello magneto121 - Thanks for your question. At 6 months postop, your nose is far from fully healed after surgery. Most complete healing takes up to a year after surgery to occur. I would wait until then and look at your results. If you are not completely happy at that point, discuss your concerns with your surgeon and ask about your options. All noses are asymmetric before and after surgery, so a small amount of asymmetry is normal. Ask your surgeon about the things you see and feel so you can understand what they are, and if they are normal/abnormal. If they are abnormal, see what can be fixed and what cannot. If it can't be fixed by your first surgeon, you could get a second opinion. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is an affordable way to finesse the results of surgical rhinoplasty. Even if you get a surgical revision rhinoplasty, your surgeon really shouldn't charge you much for touch up work. If you go with another surgeon, though, you will pay for a revision rhinoplasty, which is more expensive than primary rhinoplasty. 

Good luck, 

Dr. Shah

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6 Months Post Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for asking a question that many patients ask in the months after Rhinoplasty.  I can certainly see improvement in various aspects of your nose after primary Rhinoplasty.   However, as I'm sure your Surgeon has discussed with you, healing from Rhinoplasty takes at east 12-18 months.  Therefore, you can still expect improvement in nasal tip swelling, etc.  Try to be patient  and stay in close contact with your Surgeon for reassurance. 

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Post op rhino concerns

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You are right about being more critical of your appearance after her procedure such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelift etc.

I tell every one of my patients that before surgery you look at your face and after surgery you analyze  your face. First of all, you should not even consider a secondary surgery until after 1 year .  What seems like something you cannot live with now may not be the case in another 6 months.  Your concerns are valid , however , I would bring these up to your initial surgeon and he or  she can comment more accurately based on what was done.  Overall, you state that you  look better than you did prior to surgery and that is what is important.  Minor changes can be done at a later time

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Rhinoplasty Concerns

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It's very natural to pay close attention to your nose after having undergone a primary rhinoplasty, recognizing that achieving absolute perfection in every aspect of your nose is nearly impossible. You appear to have a nice result overall, but if you have concerns at this stage I recommend you share them with your surgeon and seek reassurance. You nose is still healing of course, and in another 6 months or so some of your concerns may fade away as your healing continues. In my view, you have an attractive result without any glaring "mistakes". Try not to focus on a revision rhinoplasty just yet and stay in good communication with your physician for advice and support. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
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