Would I qualify for Lap Band surgery? (photos)

Ive gained 15 lbs in two years. I lost about 25 lbs 4 years ago. My cw is 218 lbs. my move to ga wt was 202 lbs. I am extremely frustrated with my cw. What do you suggest. I had a consultation for a tummy tuck but was told i should lose at 10 lbs first. Losing 10 lbs, i wouldnt want any surgery. Please offer a person that truly has difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. I also have hypothyroidism, but i dont use that as an excuse.

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Nobody should get a LapBAND

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The decision to have weight loss surgery is a personal one.  You can always find a surgeon who will operate on you if you have the money.  You have to decide if you are willing to accept the risk of having an operation that will prevent you from ever having a big meal.  LapBAND is a bad operation that most surgeons have abandoned.  Most bands have to be removed within the first 10 years after they are placed.  Sleeve gastrectomy is a better option that I would be willing to offer you after a long discussion of the risks and benefits.

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