How difficult to exchange silicone chin implant secured with titanium screw for larger one?

Hi Doctors. I had a silicone implant about 3 months ago and am considering exchanging my medium for larger. Since there are so many different opinions from Doctors, would like to hear your opinions on how difficult this would be, anesthesia preference, and risks of going back in this area a second time. The idea of multiple procedures scares me, and I have a great doc, but would like to gather multiple opinions of any risks and the complexity of exchanging. Mine was a sub mental approach.

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Chin Implant Replacement

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It is no harder to replace a chin implant with a screw than it is to replace one that does not have one. The presence of a screw is an inconsequential issue in the surgery.

Exchanging silicone chin implant

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 It is possible to exchange a silicone implant.  A full set of photographs are required to make a determination  about the need to go to a large implant, since that's usually pretty rare. It's also important to wait longer than 3 months to make sure that all the residual swelling has subsided before  revising the previous implant. Removal of the old implant and placement of a new implant either larger or smaller is not that difficult, as long as the surgeon  has lots of experience with chin implants. In our practice we be usually perform chin implants under local anesthesia without screw fixation. It is also very important that the surgeon has the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screw that was placed in the first implant.

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