Why Do I Itch & Tingle when Compressed? I'm 10 Wks PO & Started Wearing Tighter 1 Wk Ago.

Lipo to my abs, waist, and bsck bra rolls. The itching and tingling happens in my abdominal area when I'm compressed.

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Itching and tingling after Liposuction is common.

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There can be multiple reasons for itching and tingling after laser liposuction.  Usually 2-4 weeks out, these symptoms are a result of the process of "re-establishing normal nerves sensation".  However, at 10 weeks post-op, it could be that your compression is too tight, or the fabric of the compression garment is irritating your skin.  See your doctor to assist with clarification of the cause.

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Compression garment and itching and tingling

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If the garment is too tight it could lead to tingling. However, the tingling can be from the nerves "waking up".  as for itching it might be irritation. It is best for you to be seen in person to be properly evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
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