Chin length change - Is this actually possible? (photos)

Is it possible to make a chin change this much ? Lengthwise especially.

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Chin reduction

The degree of how much the jaw can be slid back depends on the position of the teeth. A chin reduction will not accomplish the desired effect. i would suggest following up with an oral surgeon to evaluate your bite and make appropriate recommendations.

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Chin Length Change

Such a dramatic chin length change comes from a lower jaw setback not just a chin reduction procedure only.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Change in Chin Possible?

Dear Liliacmegan,

Thank you for your pictures.  With a sliding genioplasty you can get a significant improvement.  The most significant improvement would come from a setback of your lower jaw.  I would not compare your possible results with the other picture that you have provided.  Her face has completely different features than your face in the areas that are not your focus of treatment.  It is best to have a consultation from a qualified surgeon to get the most accurate opinion.  Best wishes

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