Im 4 Weeks Post Lipo on my Waist, Bar Rolls and Stomach. How Long Before my Bar Rolls Go Down? (photo)

How long dose is usually take for bar rolls to go down after lipo

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Liposuction Results

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  Liposuction results may take 6 to 9 months to be fully realized.  Usually, the liposuction results are evident right after surgery, but complete resolution of swelling allows the results to be fully appreciated.

How Long Before Results are Evident

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It's obviously a little different for each patient but I tell my patients that, in general, they can expect to see about 85% of the result at 4-6 weeks, 95% at three months and 100% at six months.  Revisional procedures can take longer (scar tissue) as can lipo of the lower legs, calves and ankles (gravity).  A lot depends on what you looked like before and on exactly what was done; for that you'll have to discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

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It is different for each patient It takes 3-9 months for 100% results to be in. Give your body time to heal. After that time if you don't see what you like you can have revision surgery.

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