One week post-op and still in a lot of pain and implants super hard, is this normal? 375 cc, 340cc unders, ideal implant(photos)

I'm one week post op and feel like my implants look disgusting. At the top, they don't look like they will ever fit and look weird and my nipples are really low. I stressed multiple times I don't want them too big and now feel like I was given implants that don't fit my body and never will. They are so tight and painful still, yet I read other stories where people feel fine after a few days. I still have major pain every morning and night. Is this normal and will they ever soften or look normal?

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One week post op

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Implants always look too high the first week after surgery. It has nothing to do with the implants being Ideal Implants. Unless your surgeon placed them completely under the muscle, they will most likely come down. You can ask your surgeon about massage and sometimes wearing an upper breast strap will help. Hang in there and follow your surgeon's instructions.

Normal For One Week Post-Op

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I always make sure I tell my patients and their family members that, although the implants looked great on the OR table, they are going to look “Horrible” the next day- rising all the way up to the collarbone.  This is normal with all types of breast implants and results from the elasticity of the soft tissues of the lower chest and post-operative spasm of the pectoralis muscle, both of which push the implant into the upper reaches of the pocket.  Over the first couple of weeks, the pain slowly begins to resolve and the implants will gradually drop to a more reasonable position, but will continue to look funny for approximately 3 months.  Between 3 and 6 months after surgery, the tissues will have stretched enough for the implants settle down into their pockets, and the firmness and shininess will slowly resolve.  Between 6 and 12 months, they will soften up and take on the consistency and feel of normal breast tissue.

I hope that I have answered your questions satisfactorily.  Good Luck!

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