Waiting on my implants to drop evenly. Any suggestions?

Got my surgery on 6/24 about 5 weeks Wat can I do to make them fall. I had hard spot on top on my buttox around my lower back what can I do to soften the spots

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Breast and buttocks

The waiting is the hardest part but there are little things that you can do to help.  However, before you take my advice, please talk with your plastic surgeon.  Every surgeon has a different protocol and he or she may feel that certain activities may be too aggressive.  For your breast, the implants will drop with time.  Gentle massage on the upper part of the breast may help them to descend into position faster.  It may take up to 3 months for this to occur so be patient.  In addition, I'm not sure what procedure you had for your buttocks (liposuction vs fat transfer.)  However, massage on the area should help any hard nodules to improve.  The majority of the time, the nodule is just a little residual swelling.  Hope this helps and good luck.

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Please ask your surgeon what he/she recommends at this point. Depending upon the type of implants used, your surgeon may want massaging. After liposuction, massage can also be helpful to decrease swelling.

Connie Hiers, MD
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