Veneers to straighten crooked gap between front teeth? (photos)

I have a triangle sized crooked gap between my front teeth, one of the teeth also has a small ugly crack at the bottom and one of my lateral incisors is partly see through due to a filling. I always wanted veneers, crowns or bonding to straighten them out. Could it be done? Would 4 be enough? I will NOT do orthodontics of any kind so please no get braces or aligners. I have actual valid reasons but not enough characters to elaborate. I just want to know about veneers to finally fix my teeth.

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Hello there,
You appear to be an excellent candidate for veneers.  It would be helpful to see a photo of all of your teeth to determine how many porcelain veneers would be best for you. The best thing to do is to get a veneer consult at an excellent cosmetic dental office. Be sure to review the before and after photos of your potential dentist before choosing him or her. I'll link a before and after photo of a patient of mine who's case was similar to yours. I used six porcelain veneers to completely transform his smile!  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO Area (O'Fallon, IL)

Veneers to straighten crooked gap between front teeth

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Yes, you can and can be done in 1 visit, they re prepared, you will have temporaries meanwhile, and within just 1 day you will have your veneers glued , you will be able to have the shape, size and color changed . the smile you always wanted can be done , with procedures like this.

Veneers can do wonders for your smile

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You would be an ideal patient for veneers, the question is "how many?"  As a rule, 2,4, 8, or 10 are great.  6 is rarely a good choice.

4 might be enough, but your smile would need to be evaluated for proportions.  Doing 8 or 10 allows the dentist to correct many size and shape issues AND allow you to change (whiten?) the color.  If you are fine with the color they are right now, 4 might be perfect.

Find the right office with enough experience and you could have a great smile in as few as 2 visits!

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Veneers are an option!

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Veneers can provide you with excellent esthetics to restore the cosmetic issues that you have concerns with. Its important to see a provider who has excellent experience in such treatments. Furthermore you should be involved in the design process. Often a diagnostic model of your existing teeth is made before hand and a proposed new design is made with your input to make sure that you and your dentist have the same goals in mind.

All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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You can absolutely get porcelain veneers to correct the "triangle" as well as the chip on your teeth.
Finding a good, Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, is going to be key in making sure that doing 4 will look natural and can be easily blended into the rest of your smile. Now days, porcelain veneers are not as thick and "bulky" like how people may think of them. Very minimal prepping can be done to save as much of your natural tooth without needing to shave the entire tooth down. I think you are a great candidate for porcelain veneers and will get a great result.

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