Veneer nightmare (WILL TRAVEL). Any suggestions? (photos)

Having a bad issue with 8,9 veneers for diastema! No wax-up/ pre-smile consult was done prior. (just found out routine). Dentist poured mold of my teeth to send to lab, ground 8 & 9 bonding, applied temps that were fake looking. Two weeks later veneers arrive & he shows them by pressing against mine & it shielded how thick. Pictured are new "mock ups." I am scared. What to do in this situation besides lose $, get stuck with disaster?Does he have to make this right? Is it a bad lab or ceramist?

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Veneers on front teeth to close a diastema

it is difficult to close a diastema with 2 front teeth and make it look as natural as it can. Teeth are in proportion with each other.  When you fix just 2, the teeth appear too wide and more square. 

In disregard cases, I will recommend at least 4 teeth but mostly 8 after looking at their tooth size. 

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Replacing bad veneers.


After looking at your pictures, I could see why you are so frustrated! I believe the goal of your treatment was to give you a more permanent and better looking solution to replace the old bonding . The thickness of your originally bonded teeth is perfect for your face. Veneers are an excellent choice for your situation. Ideally, you should consider having a minimum of 4 veneers made instead of 2. This way, you can distribute the porcelain more evenly, balancing the size and shape of your teeth. Based on the pictures of your mock-up, I would attribute your situation to both the treating dentist and their ceramist. When the Dr got your mockup back from the lab, they should have seen how big and over contorted the teeth look. This should have been fixed by the lab, prior to temporaries being made. Also, your dentist could have thinned out the temporaries to help guide the ceramist in making thinner porcelain veneers. 

I would have an honest conversation with your dentist and explain to them your concerns and see if they are willing to make the situation right. I would then seek out a skilled cosmetic dentist to redo your case. Make sure to ask them to show you before/after pictures of you their work. One other issue I would consider fixing is having your gums heights balanced using a dental laser. This can be done at the same appointment your teeth are re-done.

Michael D. Kosdon, DDS
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Replace wrong veneers

The first thing that your doctor have had in consideration about preparing your teeth for veneers is the size of the centrals, this should be be addressed having a gum contouring on your #8 right central, doing this your veneers will be manufactured at the dental lab with the same measurements.

Other factor to consider is that you can get some improvements if you get crowns instead veneers, as that veneers are giving your centrals a high volume that makes a very large disalignment with the other teeth as can be seen on your first picture, other option is to have the lateral incisors veneers to make all the front even.

By way color of your veneers does not match with your teeth.

All this issues should be addressed by the dental lab at no cost.

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Veneer Nightmare

You definitely need to find someone else who can help you. Depending on your goals, you would need 2 veneers or 4. Either way, they should not be bulky and stick out the way yours do. They should look natural, as though nothing was done to your teeth. A mock up like you showed is definitely "scary"! You need to look for a talented dentist who works with a talented ceramist.

Veneers nightmare


From the photo I see three concerns that have to be addressed:

1.  Size of the two front teeth 

2.  Thickness of the veneers

3.  Color

My suggestion would be to do 4 veneers whereby the size of the teeth can be spread out so that the smile will look more natural.  Wax up models, proper planning is absolutely necessary and its best done by an expert cosmetic dentist!


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
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Porcelain veneers

I am sorry to read your story. Your case is a good example of how the before looks better than the after photo. Judging your photo, you would also be a good candidate for no prep or minimal preparation veneers should you decide to do more veneers in the future. This would also widen your smile and give you a fuller smile. I read that some dentists write you should do at least 8 to 10 veneers. I must disagree because if the patient is happy with her smile and she only has an issue with the front teeth, then the dentist must make it happen with two veneers to close the gap. Again this case was done incorrectly from the beginning as a bonding to close the gap or Invisalign would have been more ideal.

Back to the two veneers you have : Do not accept them, as they are too big and wide. They need to be much thinner and narrow. Even doing only two veneers should be able to give you a great smile and outcome . BTW you would have been a great candidate for Invisalign. Takes less than 3 months and the gap would have been closed.

Joseph Goodman, DDS, DMD
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Veneer Help

I would give your dentist the opportunity to hear your concerns and correct them.  From my experience, I would say that your biggest challenge is that you are only doing two teeth.  Your case could look amazing, but would require you to do at least 8-10 teeth.  If you are willing to do this the result would be spectacular.  

Scott Young, DDS
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Too few porcelain veneers will never look right

The limiting factor appears to be that only two veneers were done.  In order for the teeth to have the right proportions, you should have 8-10 veneers done.  Doing veneers well takes a great dentist and a great lab, so it may take some homework to find someone that can do it well.

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Options for #veneer nightmare...#DrSoftTouch

I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your veneers. If I were you, I would return to the dentist who placed you veneers and allow him to attempt to fix the issue. The best case scenario would be that your dentist places two new veneers, gives you the results you desire and you pay nothing more out of pocket. Before having the new veneers permanently bonded, be sure your dentist tries them in so you can okay them. I'll link a photo of a patient of mine who's severe diastema was corrected with six porcelain veneers. I hope this helps and follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.

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