Would Ultrasound Identify What the Hard Lumps Under my Eyes (Fat Transfer 3 Years Ago) Consist Of? (photo)

I have hard internal lumps under my eyes/ on the top of my cheekbones from a bad fat transfer 3 years ago. Would ultrasound identify exactly what the lumps are made of - cysts, fat necrosis, scar tissue, etc - so that a surgeon can more precisely judge how to correct the lumps? Does it matter what the lumps consist of with regard to treatment, or are all types of lumps in this area treated the same? Thank you.

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Lumps after fat transfer

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Ultrasound may identify difference between fluid filled cysts and fat not if the bump is small.  In your case, it is likely solid structures and ultrasound won't be useful. Moreover, the treatment is not any different.  There are medicines that can be injected to dissolve fat, scars, and hard lumps (including granulomas).  If significant amount of fullness, microliposuction may help.

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Ultrasound may identify areas of scar/granuloma as different from surrounding tissue, but it will give you no additional information as to how to approach the lumps from a clinical standpoint.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Lumps after fat grafting

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I have a fairly significant experience treating post fat grafting lumps and knowing exactly what the lump is makes little difference.  If it is hard we typically will use injections of steroids and occasionally 5FU until the lump is either atrophied adequately or is soft.  Typically soft fullness will not respond as well to injections and will require a surgical intervention.  When injecting with steroids it is very typical to overshoot the endpoint and have to use fat to rebuild the area. The process of injections is often much slower than patients expect and can take over 6 months to get a result.

Mark Glasgold, MD
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