What type of doctor do I see for this, what could be the source (thyroid) and what procedure would solve it? (photo)

I have always had these fat pockets above both eyes but now they're getting bigger. I have other problems with my eyes as well: burning, pressure behind them, grainy feeling on inner eyelids, reoccurring styes during childhood, & starting 4 years ago my eyelids started retracting which resulted in eye ball literally hanging out for several long seconds. I suspected my thyroid as well as my eye dr but levels were "normal". Just got it checked again waiting on results. I also have app with opthmalogist.

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Lacrimal gland prolapse

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See an oculoplastic specialist. The fullness in upper eyelids are likely prolapsed lacrimal glands, which can be repositioned surgically. But best to get in person consultation.

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Bulges in upper lids

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Tough to tell much from this picture with your glasses on.  The bulges in the outer upper eyelid are probably your lacrimal gland which has fallen.  This can be put back in place surgically.  If you feel your eyes are actually getting larger it may be thyroid - and the studies they routinely check can still appear normal.  See an oculoplastic surgeon for a work up.

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Multiple Eyelid Issues

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Thank you for sharing your problems. An Oculoplastic Surgeon specializes in all the issues you are experiencing. Your ophthalmologist can recommend the right one to see. Good luck.

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