Why is Traditional Liposuction Still Used for Fat Transfer when There Are Other Forms of Lipo Suction That Are Not So Abrasive?

I would like to know why traditional lipo suction is still used for fat transfer when there are supposedly other forms of lipo suction that are not as abrasive. Is this true, or is traditional lipo suction the best to use for fat tansfer. I dont want to have as much down time.

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Why is Traditional Liposuction Still Used for Fat Transfer when There Are Other Forms of Lipo Suction That Are Not So Abrasive?

Traditional liposuction offers a better fat graft survival as opposed to the energy forms of liposuction, such as laser, radiowave, or untrasound liposuction. There is no heat transmitted with traditional liposuction to damage the fat cells.

The newest form of liposuction equiment, which is especially good for fat grafting (fat transfer), is Tickle liposculpture (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculptra or N.I.L.). The vibrating action of the cannula tip actually preserves more fat cells and stem cells than the traditional liposuction. This is good for fat grafting because preserving stem cells gives the grafts a better survival rate.

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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science.

One of the secrets to a successful fat fill is atraumatic technique for fat harvesting. The liposuction you describe works well for this.Find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon in your area

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Traditional Liposuction and Fat Transfer

  The suction method, usually with a handheld syringe, is the least traumatic method for the harvested fat and is preferred for fat graft viability.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Traditional Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Traditional liposuction tends to yield more fat that can survive.  When you are consideration liposuction and significant fat transfer then minimal down time is not an option. There are trade offs in plastic surgery and you have to decide if the pros out weigh the cons.

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The fact is traditional suction assisted liposuction is the least invasive. When one introduces other forms of energy, laser, ultrasound, etc, it injures the fat cells and creates more injury to the tissue.

For fat transfer one wants the least method to cause injury to the fat cells so that they can survive.

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Fat transfer

Dear Kimora619,

  • If we are just harvesting fat, then I use a hand liposuction because we only need about 2-3 ounces
  • It is more gentle and can lead to longer lasting results
  • The traditional lipo is done if you want to have fat removed from your waist, legs, etc.
  • If you have more specific questions, feel free to message me


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