Should my scars and breast still hurt to the touch two months after breast reduction surgery?

I had surgery on 6/14/16 and my breast and scars still hurt especially when I am on my side. I am also experiencing sharp shooting pains in my nipple, left side more than the right. Is this normal? I feel as if my surgery was botched and want to have nothing to do with the surgeon that did my procedure.

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So sorry

The sensations you are describing 2 months after breast reduction sound very normal.  It may take 2 years for you to feel that your sensation is "normal".  It may change even more after that.Please don't assume that your surgery was "botched".  Some surgeons are more comfortable speaking to you about your concerns.  Hopefully you can have an honest discussion with your surgeon to express your experience.  I'm guessing he/she will confirm what others are telling you here.  Your symptoms are very common and will decrease with time.  The "sharp shooters" are common.  They are more severe for some than others.  They will go away.  Give them time.I hope you and your surgeon can come together and have an honest discussion going forward.

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Pain 2 mos out from breast reduction

I cannot tell you wether or not your surgery was botched but I can tell you that it is normal to still have some pain in your breasts and your scars at 2 mos. Often the shooting pain that goes to the nipple is associated with feeling coming back in the nipple. Wearing a bra, moisturizing your scars and taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (advil, aleve) should help.

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Pain after reduction

I'm sorry you are having such discomfort.  I have had several patients who have had variations of what you describe - pain lasting longer than expected as well as shooting pains in and around one or both nipples.  They did not have any problem with their surgery and with time and understanding as well as pain control ended up doing just fine.  It is not necessarily anything your surgeon did wrong.  Some patients seem to be more sensitive to surgery and take longer to recover from the associated pain of healing.Sensitive scars can be an issue for many people.  They should settle down and slowly decrease in painfulness.  If they don't and remain sensitive to the touch, there are scar desensitization therapies that can help.  As for shooting pains in the nipple, it may be that some nipple sensation was compromised at the time of the surgery that is now returning as the tissues heal.  That can be uncomfortable and can result in shooting pains or tingling and "pins and needles" sensations.I strongly recommend you return to your plastic surgeon and discuss these problems with him or her.  In my practice, I have offered patients with these issues pain control (either narcotics or gabapentin) and emotional support and encouragement as well as frequent exams to ensure that nothing has gone wrong with the surgery or the healing process.  I wish you the best of luck in this tough situation, and also wish you a speedy recovery.

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