What is the safest method to treat the Hypertrophic Scarring resulting from my breast reduction? (photos)

The scars are sensitive and cause a burning sensation when clothing touch or at night (side sleeping ... resulting in skin to skin contact). Constant itching above and below scars. I need some relief, yet I am hesitant to have yet another surgery for the scar revision, for fear that the resulting scars will look worse than present.

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Post-Op Treatments for Scar Revision in Melbourne, Florida

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Hypertrophic scarring after any plastic surgery procedure can certainly be frustrating and even uncomfortable.  My Melbourne, Florida, plastic surgery patients have benefited from postoperative treatments such as injections with various concentrations of steroid and 5-FU, as well as laser treatment and application of silicone sheeting.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Best of luck!  

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Hypertrophic scarring

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Common treatments for hypertrophic scarring include steroid injections that can thin out the scar. Sometimes, this may leave the scar more widened and thinned out than we would like. newer methods involve creating small channels using lasers and dropping medications down those channels that will consist of both steroids as well as anti-metabolites that can turn off the scar producing mechanism of the body. These have to be done sequentially as they utilize what's called a fractional laser. This technique is called drug delivery with laser and, at this point in time, is not commonly done in all places. I hope you find someone in your neighborhood with the ability to make the scars not only thinner but less dark as well. Good luck.

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