Can I request to see long term after pictures of BA/BL results ? Do doctors see patients a year or more after their procedures?

I am concerned about the long term results of a BA/BL. Specifically dealing with droopiness, areola/nipple movement and areola enlargement after decreasing size during surgery. Do you see patients back after a year? Longer than that? Will docs have after pics that are a year or more out from surgery? Gracias!

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Breast implant long term results

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We follow our patients for many years after breast implant or breast lift and have many long term photos on file. Over time, gravity and aging will continue to act on the shape of the breast. During your consultation with a plastic surgeon, you should be shown photos. Its probably better to see your own before and after photo before the surgery using 3D imaging such as Vectra 3D.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Insist on seeing lots of long-term outcomes after breast lift or breast reduction surgery.

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I personally follow my patients for several years after breast surgery. Only should long-term photographs be available but also patients in the midst of the recovery process. The areola is not only repositioned it is often times resized.

Breast Augmentation

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Hi Twinmamma,
Yes for sure, we see all our breast implant patients every year for the rest of their lives.  Frequently we take photos at one year since changes occur over the long term.  Usually the implants have settled in and look more natural.  So keep your surgeon in the loop and go in and feel free to share your concerns.  All the best,
"Dr. Joe"

Long-term plastic surgery patient

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I believe all plastic surgeons I want to see their patients long-term. Most often the patient is fairly satisfied with the result and they do not typically come back unless there is an issue.  In my practice I encourage patients to come back yearly. I do take photographs and I have some long-term results.

Will doctors have pre-and postoperative photographs a year after surgery?

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Most doctors have pre-and postoperative photographs of patients a year after surgery. It is a good idea for you to review the pre-and postoperative photographs of patients on whom your surgeon has operated. It is important to remember however that each patient is different and your response to the surgery may not be the same as someone else. When viewing these photographs it is helpful to discuss your concerns with your surgeon

John J. Edney, MD
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Long term post op photos

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All you really need to do is ask to seep before and after photos.  This should be available on most plastic surgeons photo database. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Long-term pictures after breast augmentation with lift should be available in most practices

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As others have stated most plastic surgeons have photographs of long-term results of breast augmentation and lift.  Most plastic surgeons have pictures at 6 months and in some cases 1 year.

Pictures after surgery

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It is routine to take before and after pictures for any procedure as part of the medical record.  How often (and how far out) doctors take them after the surgery is an individual matter.  I usually take pictures two or three weeks following surgery, three months after surgery, and then at a year.  After that, I don't usually take pictures.  You are certainly allowed to see your before/after pictures.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Long term results

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Due to my involvement in the academic aspect of the specialty and the fact that I speak at a lot of meetings, I have always kept long term results. I typically see all patients yearly at no charge and therefore we do have long term results photos.

Grady B. Core, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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i am similar to dr. buford. i have pictures at about a year, but the only if significant changes occur. even though you have had a lift gravity will continue to take affect and you will get recurrent ptosis to a certain extent

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

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