What can I do to just remove this excess skin on my breasts? (Photo)

I don't care about super perkiness, I just hate this extra skin. Could I do a benelli lift? I don't do well with general anesthesia and hate the scars of the anchor and lollipop so could I have the donut lift under local and get rid of this skin?

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Excess skin on breasts

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Thank you for your question and for providing photos.  I think your best option would be a breast lift with or without implants.  I do not think you would be happy with your results if you chose a benelli lift.  

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A Benelli may not give the best shape

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A Benelli lift without an implant really flattens the front of the breast, reducing your projection. Honestly, you're a good candidate for a vertical lift and that scar is usually very good. The vertical portion of the scar is usually the first to fade and is not very noticeable. You can always START with a Benelli, but I've converted a fair number of those to lolly-pops because the shape was poor. It does NOT require a general anesthetic, but I usually provide a little IV sedation to make you not care so much! Still a very low chance of post-op nausea with that. Good luck!

What can I do to just remove this excess skin on my breasts?

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Based on your photos you are a good candidate for a breast lift with or without implants. I would recommend the lollipop incisions for optimal results. 

Breast Lift

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You would be an absolutely wonderful candidate for a breast lift using your own body tissues to create an implant look. A breast lift can remove the extra skin and elevate you nipple but keeping your tissue would be nice to give you more fullness. The procedure would last a couple of hours and give you just a wonderful round soft youthful breast. 

Breast Lift With implants

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Hello Dear, thanks for the question and pictures, I recommend you a breast lift with silicone implants, With that procedure the excess skin will go away and your breasts will look lifted and with same size also.

BennellI breast lift

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great question. I do many breast lifts in my practice. I looked at your pictures and can tell you that a BennellI will not give you an acceptable result. That technique is more appropriate to lift the areola and will not lift the breast. You have too much width and excess skin at the bottom of your breast between the areola and the fold. Your best option to get a nice looking breast is a vertical or lollipop mastopexy. You will have a vertical scar but the breast will look better. The BennellI will make your breast flat and wide with a stretched out areola due to the tension created. In my practice, I do the right thing for the patient the first time to avoid further problems in the future. That comes with experience. Do it right or do not do it. Weak an experienced breast plastic surgeon and have a complete breast consultation so you can understand the possible results 

Luis A. Vinas, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Vertical breast lifts provide great results

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Hi, I have attached a link that might be helpful...

Hi married to you. Thank you for sharing photos. Not wanting scars is reasonable,  A vertical lift will remove extra skin while still maintaining a good areola shape & size, and provide lifting of the lower breast tissue. The vertical scar can heal very well. I offer my patients topical scar treatments, and rarely need to use other approaches other than avoidance of UV radiation. A small implant would provide upper fullness, and doesn't necessarily have to change your bra size-just breast shape. Consult with an experienced, boarded Plastic Surgeon who can show you their patients results and talk to the patients. Good luck!

Excess Skin on Breast

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Based on your photos, an anchor lift will give you the best result.  The Benelli lift will cause unsightly scars, and stretch the areola.  Consult with a highly experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an in person exam to discuss your options and expectations.

Circumareolar incision vs vertical ?

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A Benelli is great for repositioning and elevating the nipple.  They don't always heal well with widened unsightly scars even with permanent purse string sutures. They don't lift the breast much either.

 Don't think that you would require a full anchor (Wise pattern) lift, but that a vertical mammoplasty with an incision around the areolae as well as a vertical scar should provide you a dramatic result. Unfortunately, you will have to accept that vertical scar..... Best of luck.

Only anchor lift will give you good results

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Other lifts mentioned by you do not remove enough excess skin and often fall short on shape and stretch areola.  You need anchor lift.

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