What Can I Do to Reduce the Hard, Red Scars from Breast Reduction? (photo)

I am now 9 weeks post op and I have had a relatively easy recovery. My doctor recommended massage once the wounds had healed. I have been massaging the scars since week 5, once a day with bio-oil. I haven't seen much improvement at all in the look or feel of the scars. They are pretty hard and seem redder than most people on this site at 9 weeks port op. Is there anything I can do in addition to the massaging that would help at this point?

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What Can I Do to Reduce the Hard, Red Scars from Breast Reduction?

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Best to return to your surgeon and discuss scar treatments in detail. IPL laser, Scar creams, silicone sheeting are options ///

Managing Scars as a Result of a Breast Reduction

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Several weeks following a #BreastReduction procedure, I suggest my patients use a #scar cream such as #Biocorneum to allow the scars to fade as much as possible. On occasion, we may recommend laser treatments to further improve the healing.

Scar from Breast Reduction

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It will get better with time... give it a complete year before it is lessened and faded to your skin. You will always have a scar; it is inevitable with an incision, but silicone scar sheeting or vitamin E oil has been shown to help diminish these types of scars. It is best to discuss your plan with your PS, but these are a couple good options.


Maturing scars

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will improve with time on their own but if you wish to speed up the process, options are available out there but all are associated with more out of pocket costs.  Best to discuss with your doctor or you could simply choose to go check the scar products at your local drug store and use silicone products.  Your doctor could consider a steroid injection if the scar is raised but that necessity should be left up to your surgeon.

Proactive scar management after a breast reduction

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As long as your scars are still red they are still healing.   A good supplement in addition to massage is the use of a silicone based product.  You could consider using silicone gel sheeting or a liquid based product like SkinMedical Scar recovery gel.  This has been show to reduce scarring. 

Scars post breast reduction

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I would recommend silicone gel products to assist with the healing of the scars, if necessary small amounts of steroids can be injected as well. In addition laser treatments can be given to improve the scars.

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