Recommendations for a Doctor Located in Georgia Who Treats Lumps from Old Fat Grafting Under Eyes (Steroid or 5fu Injections)?

I have hard lumps under my eyes after a bad fat transfer 3 years ago. Thank you Dr Glasgold who answered that correction thru a process of injections takes over 6 months. Sadly, this seems like my only option to attempt to look normal, but I can't find a doctor n Atlanta who's experienced n this type of correction. Being a 6 month process, proximity to a doctor's office will b essential. Any recommendation of a doctor in Georgia who's experienced n steroid or 5fu injections to fix hard lumps?

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Lumps after fat transfer

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You might be a candidate to have the fat removed surgically using a blepharoplasty or eyelid incision. Surgical removal might be safer than injecting steroids near your eyes. I do not recommend injecting 5FU in that location because of your eyes.  You might want to find a board certified plastic surgeon who does fat transfers or an oculoplastic surgeon in Atlanta. Good luck to you.

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