Painful breast implants? (Photo)

4 months after breast augmentation and my cut hurts so bad and it's just my left breast when I got them done in woke up during surgery when the doctor was finishing on the left one 14 days later me doctor took one stich out and cause it to open my doctor had to close it again but now every time I wear a bra it hurts can't wear bra for long time if I take it off it fells heavy and hurts there under the muscle 650 ccs from 34B to 34DD

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is the pain localized to one spot of the incision or along the whole incision? It does look slightly inflamed from the picture and I'm wondering if your bra may be rubbing up against it. That would more likely be the case if it was the whole incision that was tender. If it's one spot, perhaps there is a small piece of retained suture material that's causing irritation

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Painful breast implants

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Thank you for your question and photograph and I am sorry to hear of your scar recovery issues.  Though your scar appears a bit widened, likely from the suture-related issue, it is not clear what may be causing you such pain.  I would advise seeing your doctor for an in-person examination for reassurance and possible treatment options.  It may be as simple as scar massage to help soften, flatten, and desensitize the area.  If you would prefer, seek a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon.

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