Open insiction, scar. What can I do to help my body heal faster and stop hurting?

I had breast augmentation 3 Weeks ago after 2 weeks my insiction open and had to go back with my doctor he suggested leaving it alone but I was not comfortable walking around with my insiction getting bigger as time pass 3 days ago he stich it up again now I'm in pain again and worry about the huge scar it might leave will it be very visible? 

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In general, an incision that opens after a breast augmentation is more concerning than with other operations because of the risk of the implant getting infected. You should discuss your concerns frankly and openly with your plastic surgeon. If you are not satisfied, you should seek a second opinion from another board certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast augmentation surgery.  I would advise you to do this sooner rather than later. Best of luck to you. 

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Open insiction, scar. What can I do to help my body heal faster and stop hurting?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your wound healing difficulties.  Without a current picture it is difficult to offer you definite advice but I would see your surgeon for an in-person evaluation.  A delayed closure of a wound does increase your risk of developing an infection and with your onset of pain again it warrants an evaluation.  I would not worry about your scar at this point as it will heal and not leave too large of a scar which can be revised in the future, if needed.  

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Wound healing

Sorry this is happening. It is important to maintain good nutrition and protein intake during the healing period as your body needs fuel to heal. Best of luck, MMT

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