Is a medial orbital implant best ? (photos)

With trama to my upper socket at age 4 my lateral upper left eye socket & eye ball sit inferior / medial. Base on this CT is there a lateral pocket of space that would allow a medial implant to push more eye back to a more original position ?

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Orbital Wall Reconstruction

The first step is to obtain a 3D CT scan to look at the internal orbital anatomy and do volumetric assessment. From there it can be determined if any orbital wall/floor reconstruction would be beneficial. If so the debate between an implant and bone graft can be made.

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Orbital Reconstruction

Orbital reconstruction is a complex procedure which is usually best handled by Craniofacial Plastic surgeons. A single CT slice is suggestive but not sufficient to suggest what should be done. Volumetric assessments of the differences between the left and right orbits should be done and based on these guidkenes bone grafts may need to be placed along the part of the socket which would result both in augmentation as well as largely correcting the sunken in look enopthalmos. 
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Orbital implant to correct enophthalmos, sunken eye after previous orbital fracture

Usually medial orbital implant is not the best for you. There are easier, safer locations to place orbital implant to correct enophthlamos. Need in person evaluation to determine if surgical candidate and best treatment. See following link.

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Not really.

Unfortunately, you are describing a very complicated situation.  While floor implants are described and performed for lifting up the eye, the surgeries are not completely successful.  Placing an implant medially would be unconventional and not likely to be successful.  A single CT scan slice really does not tell the story.  There is no substitute for actual in personal consultations with orbital surgeons and craniofacial surgeons with experiencing with this type of work.

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