Lots of small white bumps after Asian eyelid surgery. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have done Asian eyelid surgery 3 years ago. This time he only cut some skin out to tighten the skin. However, since left and right heights were slightly off, he by hand cut left eye skin a little more on day 4 and stitched back. My right eye looks fine but my left eye started to have lots of small bumps. Is this normal? Does this look normal?

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Little white bumps three years after Asian eyelid surgery

These look likes small inclusion cysts. If you're using a lot of moisturizing products on the eyelids but not cleaning it very well sometimes the spots where the sutures were created a small skin cysts.  More rarely than that you can actually have little white bumps comprised of collagen. If it is a cyst then you might be able to treat that with gentle exfoliation and regular cleaning of the eyelids or maybe even extractions with a dermatologist or clinical aesthetician. Don't put any ointment on it or scar gel trying to treat that because you make it worse.

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Small bumps on eyelid incision after Asian blepharoplasty

Hello chikakow, thank you for sharing your concern.  Small bumps along the suture line are often seen after eyelid surgery.  Your left eyelid incision does look a bit bumpier than usual but it may be due to the revision on POD4.  The bumpiness should improve with daily gentle massaging +/- silicone based scar gel.  Avoid sun exposure and make up for now.  Follow up with your surgeon closely.  Good luck!Goretti H. Taghva MD

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