Lipoma Recurrence?

Two years ago a lump appeared on my lower back. Biopsy was inconclusive so decided to leave it alone. After it grew quickly to 15cm it was removed and did prove to be a lipoma. Now have another mass on other side of lower back which has grown fast. Doc says leave it be, it's another lipoma. Also been dealing with a soft tissue mass below my right kidney. That biopsy was also inconclusive so waiting 6 months to rescan. Should I push for biopsy or removal of the new mass or leave it be?

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A rapidly growing lump needs more attention.

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Dear Atlanta8441,


You mentioned that this was a rapidly growing lump, I would recommend a removal and a biopsy. Lipomas, per se, are harmless, but the rapid increase in size needs looking into.

Good luck!

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