Is it true that once you have liposuction you will not gain weight back in that area?

Is it true that once you have liposuction you will not gain weight back in the area that was liposuctioned? If this is true, does this truth also apply to smart lipo? Thanks in advance for answering my question!

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Weight gain after liposuction

The fat removed with liposuction is permanently gone.   But NOT ALL of the fat cells are removed from any given area. So if you gain weight, those fewer fat cells will eventually become large enough that you see them again.  So, yes, you can regain weight in areas that had liposuction done. 

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Liposuction and return of fat

Once the fat cells are removed from an area by liposuction, they do not come back. However, if you gain weight the excess fat is distributed all over the body and in the liposuctioned area as well. The fat cells that are left after liposuction can still store more fat and enlarge. As long as you maintain your weight, though, the liposuctioned area will remain slimmer. The same applies to Smartlipo (laser lipolysis) and all other techniques of liposuction.

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Returning fat after liposuction

Liposuction permanently change is someone's fat distribution.

If someone does not gain weight then the results are permanent.

Should someone gain weight after liposuction the area treated well still enlarge in size but not as much as if it had not been treated.

For example if someone has a problem area the tends to gain weight first then after liposuction that area may behave like the rest of the body.

Laser liposuction such as smart liposuction has no influence on whether the results are permanent or not, nor does it have a significant impact on the outcomes in general.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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Regaining fat after liposuction

The fat cells that have been sucked away are gone. However, the remaining fat cells can grow in size. The key to long lasting results from liposuction is to have a well motivated patient who is inclined to look after themself and not gain weight following liposuction.

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Is it true that once you have liposuction you will not gain weight back?

Thank you for your question.  Though the fat that is removed from the body during liposuction is permanently removed, the remaining fat cells can grow in size with additional weight gain.  This is true for any style of liposuction.  I hope this helps

Nelson Castillo, MD
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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting and Tummy Tuck

With VASER hi def you create internal scarring and go very superficial so gaining weight is difficult after however, it can go to other areas.  In traditional approaches you only remove some of the fat and there is still some remaining so fat in that area can grow.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Weight change after liposuction

You cannot regain the cells that have been removed.  But you would experience an increase in all areas of fat, it is just that it might be less proportionate in the area that had prior liposuction.  Ideally, liposuction is performed on good candidates who are near their goal weight, and feel they can maintain that weight.

David A. Lickstein, MD
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Gaining weight

With liposuction you are reducing the number of fat cells in the body but each fat cell can grow bigger or smaller with changes in weight which can reduce the long term outcomes with liposuction. 


Terence M. Myckatyn, MD

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Liposuction and Weight Gain

Liposuction physically removes fat cells from areas of the body. That being said, if you had liposuction of your abdomen and then gained 20 pounds, it would more than likely show other places before. your abdomen. Keep in mind though that liposuction only removes a percentage of the superficial fat and not the fat that is inside the abdominal cavity around your organs. This visceral/internal fat can only be reduced with diet and exercise. Smart Lipo is basically a brand and is a laser that I use almost always with traditional lipo. The laser of the smart lipo helps to melt fat and tighten skin but does not remove large quantities of fat.

Lawrence Bundrick, MD
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Thank you for your question.

Fat cells in an adult generally do not increase in number with weight gain. If someone gains i.e. 30lbs there fat cells get bigger in size but do not increase in number. If a patient becomes morbidly obese, i.e. They gain 100lbs or more then the fat cells can increase in number. Some people call it hyperplastic fat. 

When you suction fat the fat cells are removed. If you gain weight after lipo suction, as mentioned above, the remaining fat cells will get larger, but you tend to look better but if you did not have liposuction. 

There are different techniques in removing fat. Ultrasonic liposuction, "melt" fat. The fat comes out like a banana smoothie i.e. It looks yellow and has very little blood. 

Some people use laser to perform liposuction. The laser is absorbed by fluid not fat and the fat tends to come out more bloody. 

For more information watch the accompanied video that should be up in a week. I hope you find this information useful. 

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