Lipo revision necessary? Will travel (Photo)

I had back Lipo on September 20. My swelling has been insane. I asked for upper back and bra line to be addressed. The doctor said he went to town on my back. Does it look like this is just prolonged swelling? Do I need a revision? For some reason, it looks as if my arms and upper back are larger and I have not gained any weight. I'd feel a lot better if I knew this was just swelling and that area is bad to swell off and on for long periods. Still feels sore to touch sporadically.Advice?

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Post op swelling after liposuction

Hello, I would recommend waiting at least 6 months before you evaluate your results.  Post operative swelling can take that long or longer to resolve.  Also, the skin needs time to contract after surgery.  In the meantime, continue with your normal diet and exercise plan and follow up with your doctor after 6 months.  Good luck.

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