Inhaling hydrogen peroxide after rhinoplasty

My doctor instructed me to clean the inside of my nose with hydrogen peroxide following my rhinoplasty. After I do that, how long should I wait before breathing through my nose? I'm worried about unintentionally inhaling the hydrogen peroxide in my nose.

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Rhinoplasty and peroxide

It is safe to breathe through your nose when you clean the nostrils using Q-tips and hydrogen peroxide.  The amount of hydrogen peroxide should not be too much only what is needed to make the Q tips wet


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Hydrogen peroxide after rhinoplasty

Dear bethany54321,

I would recommend using a nasal saline spray after you clean your nose with hydrogen peroxide. If you use nasal saline spray/rinse to cleanse your nose after the H202 then you will likely decrease you risk of inhaling it. Best regards, Gina Chu, MD

Gina Chu, MD
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Post op issues

bethany54321, all these post operative questions need to be between you and your surgeon; surgeons who do not know you or your procedure should not be providing post operative guidance. Good luck!

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Hydrogen peroxide after rhinoplasty.

Every practice will have routines, and our patients will use saline spray after rhinoplasty which will keep the inside moist and clean and is non irritating. If you need guidance with what your surgeon recommends give him a call.

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