Can inframammary scar be prevented from migrating?

I am looking into a breast augmentation surgery with the silicone implant 350cc to get me from 34 A to full C cup. The part that concerns me the most is inframammary incision. I want the scar to remain on the breast fold without migrating on the breast. I have seen the great results of the scars that are 3 mm long and comepletely hidden in the fold. Is it somthing that can be guranteed by the doctor??? Or depends on Doctor's experience???? Thank you

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Scar migration from implant descent

Yes, inframammary scars should not migrate, however, I am concerned about your implant size. If you are a 34 A and desire a full C, it only takes 200 cc implants to achieve that. 350 cc implants will over augment you and may result in displacement. If the implant migrates inferiorly and laterally then the incision will go up onto your breast.

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Proper placement should prevent inframammary breast augmentation scar from migrating

Thank you for your question.  The most direct answer to your question is that you need to choose a very experienced plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and who is next reputation in your community.  Proper surgical techniques should be able to keep your inframammary crease scar on the underside of the breast near the inframammary fold.  A 3 mm scar is impossible.  The recommended incision for today's silicone gel implants is 4 cm in length.

Scar placement for breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  Depending on your goals and existing breast dimenstions, the scar may be placed in the existing fold.  If the implant dimensions require, sometimes the fold needs to be lowered.  The experience of your surgeon will help to predict that the scar ends up in the new fold location but this cannot be guaranteed 100%.  Other options to potentially avoid a high scar are to consider augmentation through the armpit (axilla) or with a scar placed along the areola.  Each of these options have their own  advantages and disadvantages.  I typically place my scars in the inframammary location with predictable results.  Make sure you spend time asking your board certfied plastic surgeon what option is best for you. Good luck!

Matthew H. Steele, MD
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Inframammary Incision Scar

An inframammary incision is an excellent choice for breast augmentation surgery as it can be easily hidden. It should not migrate upwards upon healing if it is placed correctly. However, there is a chance that over time, your implant can fall below the inframammary fold which can cause the scar to migrate upwards. We call this "bottoming out" of the implant and there is no guarantee that this will not or cannot happen. I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for a formal evaluation and discussion.
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