How May I Improve the Appearance of my Mid-face, Especially the Deep Festoon Lines on my Cheeks? (photo)

I am turning 30 in October, and the deep mid-facial lines are getting worse. I am already using Botox on my forehead wrinkles and I am pleased with the result, but now my puffy eyelids and deep cheek folds are driving me crazy. Are fillers a possibility?

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Options to help with mid face

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It's difficult to tell from your picture exactly what the problem may be.  It would be nice to see a close up picture of your cheeks when you are not smiling.  It is possible that fillers could be helpful, but further evaluation would be needed.

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Fillers may be a good first option

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Although your picture is quite small and difficult to interpret in detail, it appears as though you have lost both volume and support in your malar (upper cheek) region.  While lifting procedures can definitively reposition those tissues, by themselves they will do nothing for the volume loss.  If you are going to have surgery, I would certainly consider fat transfer to the cheeks and orbito-malar region.  Having said that, you are a YOUNG girl, and that kind of surgery is very aggressive for someone your age and with those early changes.  I would strongly consider filler injection before I had any surgery if I were you.  While you will get differing opinions on the effectiveness of fillers on this forum, I can tell you that if you select the right person to do your procedure, and he or she selects the right fillers and uses the right techniques, the results can be very gratifying and allow you to avoid, or at least postpone, surgery.  Give some consideration to Radiesse to your cheeks and Perlane to your tear troughs, and investigate some doctors in your area with special expertise and confidence in treating these areas.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you do.  Good luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
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Fillers are a good option for mid face lines

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Hi Olga and thanks for your question


Fillers are good for mid face lines and the cheeks and they will help you. Festoons are typically hard to treat with fillers. It's best you consult with a PS and discuss all your concerns and know your options. Dr Codner in Atlanta would be a good choice as he is renowned for his eyelid and midface work


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