Implants or dentures to fix molar crossbite?

I have found out that I have molar crossbite while looking to have veneers on my front teeth. After learning that molar crossbite is very hard to correct, I'm considering having the teeth in crossbite extracted and replaced. Could implants or dentures be made so they don't have crossbite? Braces, quad helix, surgery etc. are not an option for me. I don't have problems at the present but wonder if extractions to get me out of crossbite could save me from having TMJ or the like later in life.

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Correction of cross bite

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Cross bite indicated presence of malocclusion. It's important to know that while a proper occlusion is healthier and more ideal, not all forms of malocclusion are pathologic or lead to TMJ issues. Its correction should be correlated to your specific bite, symptoms, and function. The treatment options are orthodontics or extraction / implant replacement. Of course, with implant, it would require having bone in the right relationship to the opposing teeth to make it successful. Your surgeon and restorative dentist can easily determine that by a digital diagnostic approach (CBCT and computer-assisted 3-D planning)

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