Is it okay to get implants in between your children's births and still breastfeed?

I have 2 children already that I breastfed. I would like to have 2 more in a few years. Would it be okay to get breast implants before the last 2 children and still breastfeed?

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Breast feeding with implants

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Thank you  for your question. Many women have breastfed with breast implants. The implants are placed behind your breast tissue and depending on the incision used, should not interfere with ducts. I recommend that you discuss these risks and considerations with a board certified Plastic Surgeon to learn about your options.

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Breastfeeding with implants in place

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Thanks for your question.  Some studies have examined whether silicone gets into breast milk and this does not appear to be the case.  It is often possible to breastfeed with implants, but this is not guaranteed.

Breast Feeding After Augmentation

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Hi and thank you for your question! This is not an uncommon concern, many women have breast augmentations and continue to breast feed. It's best to discuss with your surgeon upon consultation your concerns and plans for future children. Good luck!

Breast feeding post aug

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The majority of patients that I see for breast augmentation are of child bearing years.    If you had no problems breastfeeding prior to augmentation I would not expect you to have any difficulty after surgery.   Best of Luck

Ivor B. Kaplan, MD
Norfolk Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding

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Hello and thank you for your question!  This is a very common question I come across with women during their consultation appointments.  I advised my patients that when surgery is performed by a skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon, breast augmentation surgery should not interfere with the milk ducts or glands in the breast. Regardless of breast implant placement and/or incision location, most women who become new mothers after surgery should be able to breastfeed safely and effectively, assuming their bodies were capable of lactating prior to surgery. To read more about this topic please click on the link below.

Jon Paul Trevisani, MD, FACS
Maitland Plastic Surgeon
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Breastfeeding after implants

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Hello dear, thanks for your post and provided information as well. Your question is a common one and a big concern for clients interested in breast augmentation who also plan on having children. Although a very small subset of patients have difficulty breastfeeding following this procedure, most do not.

To lower the risks of interfering with breastfeeding, the general recommendation is to avoid the periareolar incision (because of the risk for interfering with nipple sensation) and to place the implant under the muscle.
And to make you feel better, breast implants should pose no risk to your breastfeeding infant. Good luck :)

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Implants and Future Pregancies

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There is no physiologic reason that you shouldn't be able to breast feed after having an augmentation. There is a slight risk that you won't be able to, but it is fairly low. 
If you just need an augmentation now, your breast shape may change after future pregnancies requiring a breast lift.
If your breast are saggy now and you need a breast lift with augmentation at this time, I would probably recommend that you wait until after having all of your children before having the procedure.

Is it okay to get implants and still breastfeed?

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Thank you for your question.  Breast implants do not compromise your ability to breast feed provided they are placed correctly without interrupting the glandular tissue and ducts.  Future pregnancies, however, may change or compromise the result of the augmentation procedure.  Speak with your plastic surgeon about these issues prior to your procedure.  As always, consult with one or more board certified plastic surgeons (certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) to discuss your options.

Breast implants and breast feeding

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Breast augmentation should not interfere with your ability to breast feed. I would recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss all of your options and how they may/may not affect your ability to breast feed in the future.

Asaf Yalif, MD
Roswell Plastic Surgeon

Pregnancy between baby 2 and 3

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There is always a possibility, however low, that you may not be able to breast feed after a breast augmentation.  If the implants are placed from a crease incision and the nerves and ducts are left intact then the possibility is good that you will have no problem.  A whole other issue is with post pregnancy sagging.  The truth is that pregnancy and its aftermath on a woman's body is not totally predictable. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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