I still swell 13 months later, why? (Photo)

I had my TT June 11, 2015 and had revision on one side in December, 2015. When I wake up, my stomach is flat, but by the end of the day I am swollen. Is this forever? Do I need to continue wearing undergarments?

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I still swell 13 months later, why?

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Thank you for sharing your photographs and questions. Though nothing replaces an in-person examination or full series of photographs, some degree of swelling fluctuation is expected during the day and can result from the amount of water intake, food intake and changes due to gravity (much like your ankles showing signs of compression from your socks).  At a year after surgery you should be at your long-term results but if unsatisfied with your current appearance talk to your surgeon and see if there is a treatable cause to your swelling.  Best wishes.

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Chronic swelling after tummy tuck

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Without seeing you in person it is difficult to answer your questions.  Most people (even those who have never had any surgery) have a flatter abdomen in the morning vs. the afternoon.  This is more of a GI related issue.  In other words, foods that we eat make our abdomens "swell" up and make us look bloated.  True swelling would be due to excessive water still in the fatty tissue.  This can only be assessed in person by your PS.

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