I don't think my ears are big enough for surgery and the surgeon seems to be fixed on a Gore-Tex implant?

I have found an Extremely talented surgeon who works wonders on some of the most difficult noses. However, he seems to be fixated on this Gortex Implant. I have been told by another surgeon that I may not have enough ear cartilage. The surgeon I'm interested in hasn't got back to me on using my rib cartilage. He says that my results won't be the same as others if I don't use the implant. What should I do? Also, I have a post nasal drip that comes and goes. Can I still have Rhinoplasty?

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Choice of implant material for corrective rhinoplasty.

Most rhinoplasties can be performed without any graft material. Most surgeons have a preference. I personally use med poor most commonly or septal cartilage when it is available.

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I'm not a fan of implants, because of all of the complications that it brings, you will always have cartilage available somewhere, either the septum, ears or rib. If you really dont feel like you want an implant there are others extremely talented surgeons around the world. 

Best of luck, 

Luis Eduardo Redondo, MD
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Rhinoplasty and implants

I am not a fan of goretex nasal grafts because of risk of infection.  I prefer using either your own cartilage or cadaver cartilage.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Surgeon "Fixed" on Gortex Implant

I prefer using the patients own septal or ear cartilage in rhinoplasty surgery. I don't know what you need but I've rarely needed to use rib cartilage. Having said that, I repeatedly tell patients in this forum to pick the surgeon, not the technique. If you have seen this experienced surgeon's results and have discussed your options with him and others you can make an educated decision.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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You can still have a rhinoplasty with postnasal drip. If you have confidence in your surgeon selection then you should allow him/her to use the surgical techniques and materials with which they feel the most confident and have used previously with good results. Cartilage grafts and implants can both have long-term success in rhinoplasty with good surgical technique and patient selection. Whether rib cartilage or a synthetic implant is better for your nasal needs can not be determined by your description which does not detail what specific nasal problems are to be treated.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Rhinoplasty with rib cartilage

The safest, most permanent option for building up your nose is using tissue from your own body.  Any synthetic implant will always have a higher risk of infection, migration or extrusion than your own tissue (such as ear cartilage or rib cartilage).   Rib cartilage can certainly warp if used as a large piece, but when used as a diced cartilage fascia (DCF) wrap, it can provide predictable, straight and natural appearing augmentation (building up of the bridge).  The most consistent results, however, come from the surgeon, not the technique.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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