What details should I be looking for when purchasing my Faja?

Okay. So, where is a good place or website I should purchase my Faja from? I've heard Amazon .. But there are so many. Idk which should I choose to purchase. And also what details should I be looking for when purchasing my Faja?

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Where to get your post-op faja.

You can order your faja through different websites, the important detail is the brand you will choose, it needs to be a high compression faja. I personally recommend ''Maria-E or ''Fajate''.

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I have my liposuction patients wear a compression garment (faja) covering all treated 24/7 except to shower for 4 weeks post op. This helps control swelling as the compression on your tissues helps your body to reabsorb the edema fluid that accumulates in the tissues after any procedure. This can take quite some time to happen without help from the compression garments. It also helps improve contour. Compression helps to keep the tissues adherent to the underlying structures while healing, this can help prevent the wrinkled skin appearance that can happen when the tissues heal in ways we don't want them to.

Alex Campbell, MD
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