Elective Mastectomy for Lipomas in Breasts?

I have lipomatosis & over the years I've had 30+ cut out (I'm 27 yo). I now have 4 lipomas in my breasts and am thinking of getting an elective mastectomy and reconstruction.. I know this will continue since my dad who is 54 has 100+ cut out over the years. I know these tumors are benign, but they often grow large and hurt. Rather than allowing my breasts to become butchered with multiple extractions I'd rather take care of it all at once. Has anyone ever had any experience with this?

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Multiple lipomas in the breast

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In familial lipomatosis the  lipomas are painful and therefore excised frequently. I had experience with mastectomies for painful cysts in the breasts during the1980's. For various reasons ,one being relatively poor cosmetic results and new painful cysts in even the smallest breast tissue left made the surgery unpopular. Your problem goes in a similar  direction. Some fat tissue would have to be left in your breast skin for reconstruction and new painful lipomas could develop there. I do not know if you are ready & desperate enough to have a (nipple sparing) mastectomy with reconstruction ?         An experienced Plastic Surgeon can examine you and then lay out all the benefits & risks for mastectomy and reconstruction. You must also give consideration that your insurance may refuse to approve such procedure for "just painful" lipomas.

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